Smoking cessation

Smoking is the largest cause of cancer in the UK and hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to help people to stop smoking. Sadly, smoking causes at least 15 different types of cancer and I’m here to help you however I can. I’m a Science Based Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist and I can assure you that hypnosis helps to unblock your mind and ease the difficulties entailed in stopping smoking. The techniques I use will reprogram your mind so that you can finally stop smoking once and for all.

Changing your mind- changes your life and when you change how you think, you take positive action and for every positive action there will be a consequential positive reaction. Hypnotherapy facilitates successful changes to break the smoking habit, once and for all. We do this through positive suggestion to the subconscious mind, which allows for self-limiting beliefs about smoking to become a thing of the past.  Hypnotherapy ensures that the changes are rapid, and the client feels calm and relaxed knowing they are now a NON- SMOKER.

Zest Hypnotherapy offers a free 30-minute consultations, this is so I can assess what needs to be done to make this not only a comfortable experience for you but also a positive one. There is a science-based approach to assisting you in changing your routine and in turn changing the way you think about smoking. This allows calmness, pride and satisfaction every time you get yourself in a situation where you used to have a cigarette, and no longer feel the need.

Hypnotherapy provides a safe, long lasting, relaxing approach to stopping smoking. So, is it your time to stop smoking and allow hypnotherapy to work for you?

Free Consultation


I offer a 30 minute free consultation for people to come and discuss their concerns, ask questions and to get to know me.

This is without obligation to book a further appointment.

This consultation allows me to gather information so that I can plan how best to assist - and what therapy would work successfully for the most positive outcomes.

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Sharon Bowie

I have such passion for hypnotherapy - purely and simply because I know that it makes such a positive difference for people and their lives.

I am a Mum of two teenagers, a wife, a teacher and a breast cancer survivor and life is busy, but I also know that life is a gift!