Cancer and Hypnotherapy

Living with cancer, and the effects of cancer, is a very stressful experience that impacts not only physically but also mentally. Even after treatment has finished the uneasiness and the demands that have been placed on your body throughout treatment may continue to weigh heavy. Hypnosis can help people to learn techniques that help to relax and de-stress both the body and the mind.

Hypnotherapy is a psychological tool and completely safe and comes under the umbrella of ‘complementary therapy’. It is not an alternative to more orthodox approaches of dealing with cancer but is an excellent tool to help the mind learn true relaxation and improve overall well being. Hypnotherapy is widely accepted as a relaxation therapy, which can help to reduce stress chemicals omitted by the brain and this then allows the body and the mind to re-balance.

There is evidence that hypnotherapy can help with symptoms such as nausea, pain and anxiety during treatment too.

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I offer a 30 minute free consultation for people to come and discuss their concerns, ask questions and to get to know me.

This is without obligation to book a further appointment.

This consultation allows me to gather information so that I can plan how best to assist - and what therapy would work successfully for the most positive outcomes.

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Sharon Bowie

I have such passion for hypnotherapy - purely and simply because I know that it makes such a positive difference for people and their lives.

I am a Mum of two teenagers, a wife, a teacher and a breast cancer survivor and life is busy, but I also know that life is a gift!